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Seemok, the leader of wheel Liner Fender made from Polyethylene Product Property

Uses Clip locks instead of body drilling
Designed for easy installation by removing the
original parts and fitting SEEMOK Liners, Fender
with clips. Rust protected from water etc. and
easy to clean.

Original No Drill, Rustless
Full size Liners, Fender
OEM Standard Liners, Fender
No Drill, rustless

Mud and moisture corosion to wheel housings causes problems for motorists. Various preventive and protective means have been attempted. Installing rubber on wheel house surfaces was an early idea. Then rubber was replaced with fiber glass. With both methods, however, problems still prevailed. Recently, the Sathien Plastics & Fiber Co.,Ltd. has developed this new product molded from polyethlene. The company's polyethylene mud guards, besides working reffctively, are of good design and fit tightly to the wheel house surface giving excellent mud and moisture protection.


Full Size Liners, Fender
Our innovative product is developed to unique designs for individual types and models of car. This development has been continously improved to enhance service over their strength, durability, and longer life. Designs for every pickup model including
Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Ford etc. are avalible.


OEM Standard SEEMOK Liners, Fender

Full Size Liners. Fender

No Drill, rustless

Product Property
  • manufactured from special polythylene, highly durable
    to great impack force, not easily torn or brittle
  • bright, glazed coloured ,easily cleanable with water
    or detergent
  • light weighted not adding load to car , easy and time
    saving to install and need no drill to car body sheet
  • serving as a best anti-corrosion practive for wheel house
  • designed to shape, tightly attachable to respective car
    body part and approprately applicable to car models
  • manufactured to be a standard product to local leading
    car assemblers
  • enhancing magnficence to car while closing loose
    cavity at wheels therefore creating confidence at driving
  • reasonably priced


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